About Me


Sarah Klauer is a passionate storyteller and creative implementer of strategy. Born in the Midwest, her first love was opera singing, which she studied at Oberlin Conservatory of Music and in Germany. With a passion for strategy and organizational management, Sarah graduated in the fifth cohort of MBA in Design Strategy students at California College of the Arts. The program prepares the next generation of innovation leaders for a world that is not only profitable, but also sustainable, ethical, and truly meaningful.

Recently, Sarah worked with communities to shape a more sustainable future as a Community Energy Program Manager with Minneapolis non-profit Center for Energy and Environment. In this position, she used her design thinking background to design workshops, conduct research, and facilitate community groups in energy action planning. Prior to this role, Sarah worked with Target Corporation as a Creative Strategist, where she researched cultural trends and worked to translate business objectives into insightful creative briefs for Target’s in-house designers. Sarah provided research, developed creative strategy, and shared inspiration, working primarily with Target’s owned brand portfolio.

When not working, Sarah enjoys traveling, baking bread, gardening, listening to podcasts, and learning to knit.